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Grant Criteria

Organizational Capacity

Is the grantee positioned to effectively carry out the deliverables in the grant? Do they have experience, qualified staff and partners as part of the project? Has the applicant demonstrated commitment to completing the project? 

Project Conception & Technical Feasibility

Is the proposal clear and comprehensible? Are activities well defined and feasible? Is the timeline realistic? Aside from cost or other factors, can it be done? Is the technology available and the pieces in place?

Influence/Geographic Scale

Is the applicant positioned to effectively influence the target audience? Can the project be achieved within Alameda County or is broader geographic reach needed (i.e. would this be better pursued via partnerships or a regional, state or federal initiative)? Is the project scalable or replicable?

Timeliness & Leverage

Is the grant timely given the current societal and political environment and/or internal considerations? Are there funding or other opportunities to leverage? 

Alignment with goals/partnerships in place

Does the grant align with or support goals/initiatives Agency?  Is this a priority area for the Agency or of our Member Agencies and other potential partners (e.g., water agencies)? Is there opportunity to collaborate? Does it complement or duplicate existing Agency programs? Is it equitable? Does the proposal target more difficult to reach areas of Alameda County (east and/or south county)?

Innovation & Leadership

Is the applicant in a unique position to influence policy, markets, or behavior with this project? Is the project innovative; does it experiment with a new concept/idea? Does it provide a model for others?


Practically speaking, can progress be measured? Are activities clearly defined and realistic? Is the metric/method (typically, tonnages and/or audiences) viable? Are there evaluation methods, including a baseline?

Budget/Financial Viability

Is current grant budget reasonable? Is the project sustainable and/or transferrable? Is there a plan for funding after the end of the grant term?  

Environmental Impact & Cost Effectiveness

Consider the overall magnitude of impact of the grant, along with costs to determine the overall "bang for your buck." Is there actual and measurable recovery or diversion? Are there significant public education activities? What is the cost/ton (if applicable)? What are the environmental impacts?

Community/Social Impact

Consider social and economic impacts on the community. Job creation, feeding the hungry, other community benefits? What does the community think of the effort?  Is public stakeholder effort needed?