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StopWaste works with landscape professionals, property owners and public agency staff in Alameda County to promote landscape practices that:

  • improve soil health,
  • sequester carbon and reduce greenhouse gas emissions,
  • reduce waste,
  • save water, and
  • help keep our watersheds and our communities healthy.

Featured Resources

Sustainable Landscapes in Alameda County 2019

Updated for 2019!

This annual report recognizes—and quantifies—the commitment of StopWaste's member agencies to landscapes that provide multiple environmental and community benefits, including carbon sequestration and greenhouse gas reductions resulting from applying compost to the soil. 

WELO Tool Kit

The Water Efficient Landscape Ordinance is a statewide water conservation law for new and renovated landscapes that meet a certain size threshold.

StopWaste has developed a WELO Tool Kit to help its member agencies implement the ordinance. The Tool Kit consists of model checklists, a water budget/water use calculator, and a permit counter brochure.

Public agencies can use these materials as is or modify them to meet local requirements.

Plant Debris Landfill Ban

Alameda County law prohibits disposal of plant debris in county landfills. Learn more.