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Take Action at Home

It doesn’t matter if you’re at school, at work or at home, there are many ways we can take action to reduce waste and create a more sustainable future from right where we are. We ask our community to take collective action and share our stories together. When we all take action, we become part of the (Re)Generation – an intergenerational collective identity for people committed to rebuilding a regenerative earth. Along with our traditional 4Rs – reduce, reuse, recycle and rot – we encourage everyone to reflect on their “R” actions and how those actions make them part of the (Re)Generation. What are your 4Rs? Explore the resources below to inspire your actions. 

Watch this video to learn more about the (Re)Generation.

To see how others have taken action, view our celebration gallery.

StopWaste Resources for Distance Learning 
Taking Collective Action in COVID 19 

Partner with StopWaste to bring academic fun to your virtual classroom or at-home learning space. Join our community of committed teachers and families continuing to take action in distance learning. You can follow the steps outlined below in order or as it best fits with your classroom or learning program to take collective action and identify with the (Re)Generation.  

Step 1: Register Your Class or Family 

Registered teachers and educators will be added to our e-news network and may be eligible to partner in our fall pilot programs.  

[link to register] - (coming soon! -ac) 

Step 2: Choose Your 4Rs Activities 

Complete one activity or complete them all. You decide how your students engage with our materials.  

Step 3: Take Action!


Facilitate your students to take action at home, at school, or in their community. 

  • Students can meet the League of 4Rs Action Heroes to learn about every day students doing extraordinary things to reduce waste. Below are some examples of ways you and your students can take action. 
  • We are the (RE)Generation Project: Tell your story and inspire others to take action.
  • Create a Family Action Plan and pledge to reduce waste. [NEEDS THUMB] Commit to take action to reduce waste and encourage others to do the same 


Family Fridge Audit (needs better photo)

Did you know food is the #1 thing by weight we are finding in the landfill in Alameda County? Wasted food is a problem with profound financial and environmental impact. It’s time to make the most of what we have and truly reflect on our connection with food and how we care for this precious resource. Reducing wasted food is something that we can all do, at any time. You and your family can take actions to reduce waste by taking the Family Fridge Reality Check to assess how you’re storing food to maximize freshness and shelf life. 

Litter Free Action Project: Prevent litter from polluting our neighborhoods 
Action project templates coming soon 

Step 4: Share Your Actions 

Share with us how you took action to create a healthier planet. StopWaste will compile all community actions to showcase our collective impact.  

Examples of ways to report back:  

  • Mission Report Back Letters: Students author letters to share how they took action.  Letter template coming soon 
  • Teacher/Parent Report Back: Teachers share how they used the 4Rs Activities to take action.  
  • Download Report Back Form
  • Complete Form Online
  • Get Creative! Students or classes create an art piece, presentation, etc. to share your actions. 

Step 5: Celebrate Your Success 

Now that you’ve taken action, join the League of 4Rs Action Heroes and celebrate! 

Examples of StopWaste Activities to Celebrate:  

  • Create your own Action Hero Identity: What is your action hero name and origin story? Download the 4Rs Action Hero Hall of Fame page to share your story. 
  • 4Rs Celebration Gallery: Email us a Google or PowerPoint slide and we will add it to our action slide show. Email slides to
  • May the 4Rs Be With You Contest: Enter your actions in our art contest and win prizes. Contest submissions will open January 2021.