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Guiding Principles

StopWaste, via its Waste Management Authority Board, uses Guiding Principles to inform its strategy and budget development. The goal is to employ an adaptive approach to strategic planning, focusing our efforts where we can achieve the greatest results in support of our mission, stakeholders, and member agencies.

The Guiding Principles, listed below, were adopted by the Board in December 2018, and will be used to set priorities through 2021. 

  • Emphasize waste prevention over management of discards.
  • Organics, as the largest remaining portion of the waste stream going to landfill, will continue to be an emphasis for the next two years.
  • Only consider mandatory measures that go through a comprehensive resource analysis, or are mandated by the State.
  • Prioritize waste reduction and prevention projects that have beneficial climate impacts.
  • Explore innovative and experimental approaches that may be leveraged by member agencies.
  • Emphasize project implementation and collect data only as needed to make informed decisions.
  • Coordinate and collaborate with local public agencies to avoid duplication of effort, and prioritize efforts that leverage and enhance what member agencies can do independently.
  • Ensure the flexibility to add new projects and cut back on existing projects when appropriate.

Below are our current goals and indicators tied to our Guiding Principles that we're working toward and help us measure progress.